Jackets & Cardigans

 New!! JC 0381
Price : RM79.00
Size : Free size S-L
Color : Pink Nude, Olive Green, Navy Blue, Black, Grey

New!! JC 0378
Price : RM79.00
Size : Free size 
Color : Blue, Light Pink

New!! JC 0363
Price : RM129.00
Size : Free size
Color : Brown, Grey

 New!! JC 0336
Price : RM79.00
Size : Free size S-L
Color : Coral, Yellow

New!! JC 0377
Price : RM89.00
Size : Free size S-L
Color : Green(SOLD), Blue(SOLD), Light Green

JC 0362
Price : RM79.00
Size : Free size S-L
Color : Brown, Light Brown (SOLD)

JC 0376
Price : RM99.00
Size : Free size S-M
Color :  Pink, Green

 JC 0364
Price : RM119.00
Size : Free size
Color :Black & White, Beige & Black

JC 0345
Price : RM79.00
Size : Free size S-M
Color : Light olive (SOLD) ,  Black


hani said...

TOP 0026, JC 0026, JC 0021, JC 0020, JC 0018, JC 0016, JC 0013, JC 0011, JC 0009 betul betul dah sold out ke ? :(( tlng balas yer :DD please and thank you.

siti said...

sy interested kt crdigan JC 0031 tp xsure bout da saiz...
can u help me coz im a bit chubby

Shahida Shariff said...

that jacket fits until size M dear..:D

would like to purchase??

Please send your:
name :
address :
mobile number :
email :
item :
size :
quantity :

then i will guide you to the next step

Shahida Shariff

send ur order to buttonmybuttons@gmail.com

dee said...

i like ur stuff..
do u send ur stuff overseas?
at the moment im not in mlaysia.
thank u

jujut said...

JC 0029

tis 1 still availble or not???
want tis lol..how bout the size

Shahida Shariff said...


hannah said...

JC 0001
what size is available?

M13 said...

are JC 0051 and JC 0044 really sold out? what other colour does JC 0043 have? tq...

SuperKambengg said...

i like JC 0053 n JC 0046 but im not sure abt d size?
how big is UK10?

Nadihahaha! said...

oh hello sis
act i love cardi soo much
do u have any more cardis without hoodie?
im hoping to hear from u soon sis ;)


Beep said...

JC 0091 black colour memang xda lagi ke ?? .. ada restock x ? .. i really want it lol ..

Klutz Gal said...

JC0123 BLACK...
got meh? wut size?

Pingu said...

JC 0116(Grey), JC 0114(Black) & JC 0093(Brown) size S ada x?

miSs_ said...

kak tuk jc 0091 UK 8 and UK 12 tu,..cm ne nk tau soze die..sy nk m kot..jdi sy nk order yg ne yer..

fatin said...

hey sis,
sye interested gyle kt item JC0190 clour grey.. but i'm not so sure bout the size laa.. n item tu blom sold out en.. bley reserve x cuz i really want it laa..

Anonymous said...

JC 0193 tu diperbuat drpd kain ape?

azrie said...

i wnt tht JC 0197 grey one....

name : nur azrie
address : 1566 lrg inai 5 tmn ria jaya, sg. petani, kedah.
mobile number : 012-5418134
email : azrie_hoho69@yahoo.com
item : JC 0197
size : M
quantity : 1

Nur said...

jacket leather u x jual ker??

dina asyikin said...

this web still avail lg ker x??i means if i wanna make an order still can be done or i had to went to your shop???

.AtHin AisYa. said...

JC 0218 & JC 0233 mmg jenis kulit kee?? kenape harge berbeza??

saye interstd laa dua2 niee..
reply me asap k..tQ

.AtHin AisYa. said...
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Mira said...

hi sis,

sy tgh cari suitable cardigan for my kemeja..ley x sis bg suggestion which one of ur cardigan collection is suitable for my kemeja..
color for my kemeja is pink with white stripes..
stripes dia halus/kecik ja..

nunaa said...

hai sis shahida,
sy nk jc 0218, cmne nk order ea?

nunaa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nourul aien (khan) said...

save me JC 0218 plz

EZANismail said...

JC 0218 , I nak satu pliss Thanks XD

atyra (C.A.E.Y) ^_^ said...

JC 0244 still available or not?
how much that price after postage?

NadeaMokhtar said...

babe, crdigan JC 0343 still ade lagi x? and my saiz xs, u rase okay x klau i pakai?

kikin said...

shahida, kalau bambee cardigan yg free size tu based on what size? i pernah beli, and it fits me well. jd, i ingat nk guna sbg panduan size. thanks :)

Anonymous said...

salam shahida. nama i pun shida gak. ehe.

JC 0320
Price : RM69.00
Size : Free size
Color :BLACK
70 % off

price tuh lepas 70% off ke ? hehe. white kaaler ada lagi tak ?

Anonymous said...

salam shahida. nama i pun shida gak. ehe.

JC 0320
Price : RM69.00
Size : Free size
Color :BLACK
70 % off

price tuh lepas 70% off ke ? hehe. white kaaler ada lagi tak ?

dalilah said...

jc 0327 turqouise still available?

Sofea said...

i suke inner top withth black n white polka dot tu, is that for sale/ do you have those in your collection that i can purchase?



Sofea said...

Hi salam Shahida,

Have u checked my order for item JC0383? Have banked in the payment as well in ur maybank account. thanks