TOP 0712
Price : RM69.00
Value Buy RM30.00
Size : S
Color :Nude, Grey, Black

TOP 0705
Price : RM79.00
Value Buy RM40.00
Size : Free Size
Color :Beige(SOLD), Black, Grey

TOP 0713
Price : RM89.00
Value Buy RM45.00
Size : S-L
Color :Orange, Yellow(SOLD)

 TOP 0706
Price : RM79.00
Value Buy RM40.00
Size : S-M
Color : Nude(SOLD), Yellow 

 TOP 0711
Price : RM69.00
Value Buy RM30.00
Size : S-M
Color : Coral, Blue, Grey

 TOP 0708
Price : RM79.00
Value Buy RM40.00
Size : S-M
Color : Black, Yellow


Syaza Amirah said...

TOP 0052
Price : RM 59.00
Size : 8UK-10UK

ade lagi?

Shahida Shariff said...

that item dh sold out dear... so sorry..

nik said...

TOP 0037
TOP 0032


Shahida Shariff said...




sabrina; gorgeous said...

semua top nie yang masih belum sold out ade di store wisma cosway ke? because i went to super sunday, baju u dah xbanyak lah, i really love to buy ur top, i jst dont want to order here, i need to try it first, thanks.

Shahida Shariff said...

hi sabrina... to be safe.. is to order online... online available all item... at other store they only have some of my design.. not all..:D

if u purchase online.. every design available...

wanniey_cute said...


i like to order JC030,is still available???

Shahida Shariff said...

yes wani still available..:D

send ur order to ya..:D

ejanguelgaara said...

TOP 0077...sis,dis top cannt nego??sori to askkk...:)want to know..

Shahida Shariff said...

bambee item price are fixed dear

but for other item yang saya design sendiri.. kalau kamu member ada discount..:D

would like to purchase??

Please send your:
name :
address :
mobile number :
email :
item :
size :
quantity :

then i will guide you to the next step

Shahida Shariff

send ur order to

wan nurul adila said...

TOP 0012
Price : RM 59.00
Color : BLUE & WHITE
Size : UK8
ada lg x yg ni?interested laa..

kkay said...

i nk tnye top 0099 de lg x??

kkay said...

i nk tnye top 0099 de lg x??

kkay said...

TOP 0091

Price : RM 59.00
Size : 8UK-10UK
de lg x??

crap!! said...

hey there!!
gosh.i seriously hve some mad love with your clothes.
really think you should open your own boutique esp. smewhere around damansara.bcoz sme buyers juz prefer it if they could see the clothes first.u know

kid zyant said...

TOP 0108
TOP 0107

ader lg x??

ayusuzanne said...

how big da saiz u got?
8uk to10uk?
my saiz is m/L

ayusuzanne said...

besa mane saiz 8uk-10 uk tu U?
i ni body saiz m/l

sabrina anuar said...

babe, is TOP 0119 and TOP 0114 (black) available? if yes, please send me email and i want to purchase it asap (:

email :

missnoperfect said...

interested w ur stuff
kat mana nk beli?
btw this is my email

miss yaya said...

i wonder bout d size of ur cloth....can i fit in it?my normal size is between M & L...
i too big for ur cloth.....dats y i afraid 2 buy...

azrikha thahar said...

top yg ni ada lg x?

TOP 0161
Price : RM 59.00
Size : 8UK=S - 12UK=L

mcm mane nak order yea?

luluheadspinning said...

TOP 0166 --> madly in love with it

masih available ka?

ReeN said...

hye.Top 0143 still available?10uk(M),yellow...=)

syazafizan said...

yg ni ade tak ?

TOP 0001
-40% OFF ( price before discount )

Price : RM 49.00
Color : GREY
Size : 8UK - 10UK

yasmin said...

hi can i know the TOP 025 n TOP 0214 stil available or not

miSs_ said...

kak shahida nk tnye..yg
BMB 0082
Price : RM79.00 Size: M
ade lagi tak??

satu lagi nk order skali
ngn money order ker??

thnks kakk =)

PM Dr Saemah said...

sys, store u kat subang 2 ada sume item x?

ARE-MAL said...

sis shida..
TOP 0345 1set with the cardigan ke?

akudankamooo said...

dear...wanna ask u bout top 049..
my figure..
does it fit???

Anonymous said...

TOP 0345
TOP 0325 yg Mark Down Item..
ada lg x???

putri said...

top 0420 & 0442 de lg?
i nak oder camne?

wanie said...

hye..i da email my order to u...i really interested with all items..pls give respond asap..thanks

syrena said...


kain dia jenis macam mana ye?

hamizah anuar said...

TOP 0593
TOP 0617
TOP 0619

ada lagi tak?
nak measurement sekali boleh?
bahu, dada, pinggul.

EMY RAZAK said...

0529 white & 0617 black still available??

ct yaya said...

TOP 0614 ade lg x?

ct yaya said...


top 0614 ade lg x?

angel said...

berapa harga top 0566?

angel said...

berapa harga top 0566?

ain said...

actually cmne sbnrnye nk order item yg kite nak ye?need info..thanks :)

ain said...

i nak tau,sbnrnye cmne nk order item yg kite nak ye?thanks :)

MiYOKO SuKi said...

cntiknye bj2 kt sini..bole ship ke US takkk

>3 hdayuz >3 said...

top 0702 red ade lagi x?