Hand bags & Sling bags

 New!! BGS 0428
Price : RM79.00
Type : Hand Carry + Sling 
Color :Green, Beige, Dark Nude, Nude Pink

New!! BGS 0426
Price : RM79.00
Type : Hand Carry + Sling 
Color :Blue(SOLD), Beige(SOLD), Green(SOLD)

BGS 0423
Price : RM59.00
Type : Hand Carry + Clucth
Color : Green (SOLD), Red(SOLD), Beige (SOLD)

New!! BGS 0422
Price : RM149.00
Type : Hand Carry + Sling
Material : PU Leather
Color : Grey(SOLD), Blue (SOLD), Black, Brow 

 BGS 0411
Price : RM69.00 (Best Buy RM39.00)
Type:Hand Carry + SLING 
Color : Red, Yellow, Orange, Nude Pink

  BGS 0408
Price : RM69.00 (Best Buy RM39.00)
Type:Hand Carry + SLING 
Color : Light Purple

BGS 0408
Price : RM79.00 (Best Buy RM49.00)
Type:Hand Carry + SLING + CLUTCH

BGS 0385
Price : RM79.00 (Best Buy RM49.00)
Type: Sling
BGS 0372
Price : RM89.00 (Best Buy RM49.00)
Type:Hand Carry + SLING

Price : RM29.00 (Best Buy RM15.00)
Type:Coin Purse
Color :BLACK


jiwakosong said...

ade lg tak beg BGS 0004? crius i nak beli! (:


Shahida Shariff said...

yes available miss myra.. last pc

would like to purchase??

Please send your:
name :
address :
mobile number :
email :
item :
size :
quantity :

then i will guide you to the next step

Shahida Shariff

send ur order to buttonmybuttons@gmail.com

sillybilly said...

name : Amira Syafiqa Mothar
address : 6-2 KIP Seri Bintang, Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Jln 3/91A, 56100 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.
mobile number : 012-3747486
email : amirasyafika@gmail.com
item : BGS 0004
size :
quantity : 1 only for beg.

thanks shahida! (:

nona said...

PU LEATHER beg tu xde stock baru ke?really interested to purchase it

sillybilly said...

how bout the next step shahida?

Sofia Mohsen said...

hello, ada lagi x bag BGS 0001? :D its red in color right? & whats the material eh?

hannah said...

hey :) is there any plan that u will open a boutique ? i think it would be great if i can see first the items before i purchase it . anyways , do u still hv stock for bgs 0004 ?

sabrina; gorgeous said...

hey its me again haha isit 0016 & 0011 availableeee?

[Applemint] said...

Hey there...
I'm very interested with BGS 009...
I've already send a msg to buttonmybuttons@gmail.com...
I had stated all my detail there...
Can u reply me back A.S.A.P...



jujut said...

BGS 0020 & BGS 0022 STILL AVAILBLE X????
i nk laaa

shazana said...

hye.. ade lg x BGS 0016. i minat sgt..:)

faz said...

name:norfazela noorzainuddin
handphone no:017-7369106
item:bag 0025(brown)

put's put's said...

just wanna ask..
BGS 0028 can restock or not?
i really love it..

Shahida Shariff said...

hi put's

bgs oo28 tak dapat di restock.. so sorry..:(

little girl, big tummy said...

BGS 0041 still ada tak?

MiSs. iEkA said...

name: siti nor hatika bt mohamad
adress: No.79, lrg 3, batu caves centrepoint, tmn industri bolton, 68100 selangor.
no. fon: 012-3766167
email: sweetysindarella7687@yahoo.com
item: BGS 0048 (black)
quantity: 1

syazafizan said...

BGS 0071

Price : RM59.00
Material : PU

black adee lagi tak?

Anonymous said...

hye..i interested for BGS 0056..
is it still available?
smlm i da post a comment through ur myspace..
crious i nk beli that bag..
mcm mane nk cnfrmkan,ea?


YEAH, hghaafiiifagh said...

BGS 0119 i love ths very much,
i like to purchase it;D
but when eh it will be available?

Fatihah Razali said...

BGS 0144 ada lg tak???

Fatihah Razali said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
farah najwa said...

akak , sy nak bag BGS 0065 colour kelabu boleh tak ?

name : farah najwa bt shamshuzaman
address : 15, persiaran halaman ampang 1b , taman ampang indah 31350 , ipoh perak .

mobile number : 0125356173

email : fawafawra@yahoo.com(ym) n blogfarahnajwa.blogspot.com

item : BGS 0065

quantity : one

Anonymous said...

is BGS 0231 (red) still available??

siti said...

sis, beg BGS 0295 available g tak?.. nak tnya color pink or merah? nmpk cm merah je.

SYA said...

BGS 0313's bag is soo beautiful especially in purple colour. but it's sold out already. Do you restock it? :)

Anonymous said...

BGS 0315 available x? if so, black color ade?

Khalidah Nazihah said...

Are items in this post still available? (The ones that are stated as available). Specifically- BGS 0395.

ney said...

BGS 0403 ade lagi tak? and 30% off to, means the price stated after the off or not?

Nabilah A. Ghani said...

BGS 0363 is still available or not?

:: ShawlsForYou :: said...

JC 0327. is there any compartment inside?